Care Ethics and Poetry

Care Ethics and Poetry is the first book length work to address the relationship between poetry and feminist care ethics.   The authors argue that morality, and more specifically, moral progress, is a product of inquiry, imagination, and confronting new experiences. Engaging poetry, therefore, can contribute to the habits necessary for a robust moral life—specifically, caring.  Continue reading “Care Ethics and Poetry”

Philosophical Laboratory of the Global Age – Labfileglob

CERC participates in the new and stimulating Philosophical Laboratory of the Global Age (Labfileglob) that has just been launched by professor Elena Pulcini, one of the members of the steering committee of CERC. The members of Labfileglob share a strong interest in the study of the problems and issues related to the main transformations occurring with theContinue reading “Philosophical Laboratory of the Global Age – Labfileglob”

Eva Feder Kittay

Interview with Eva Feder Kittay, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, at the Department of Philosophyat Stony Brook University, New York.  1. Where are you working at this moment? I am at Stony Brook University, where I have been since 1979. 2 Can you tell us about your research and its relation to the ethics of care? I am workingContinue reading “Eva Feder Kittay”

Michael Slote

Michael Slote is UST Professor of Ethics at the University of Miami and is author of  “The Ethics of Care and Empathy” and “Moral Sentimentalism”. He was previously professor of philosophy at the University of Maryland, and at Trinity College Dublin. He is widely recognized as a leading figure in the recently renewed field of virtue ethics. He argues thatContinue reading “Michael Slote”

Elisabeth Conradi

Elisabeth Conradi started to study philosophy, German literature and educational theory at Heidelberg University and then continued and completed her studies at Frankfurt University where she earned the Master’s degree in philosophy, presenting a thesis on Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy of Right. As a visiting scholar she conducted research at the Political Science Department at the UniversityContinue reading “Elisabeth Conradi”

Margaret Urban Walker

Since 2002, Margaret Urban Walker PhD is Professor of Philosophy and Lincoln Professor of Ethics at Arizona State University, where she received ASU’s Defining Edge Research in the Humanities Award in 2007. She was a member of the Philosophy Department at Fordham University from 1974-2002. She also taught at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium; Washington UniversityContinue reading “Margaret Urban Walker”

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