Care Ethics and Poetry

Care Ethics and Poetry is the first book length work to address the relationship between poetry and feminist care ethics.   The authors argue that morality, and more specifically, moral progress, is a product of inquiry, imagination, and confronting new experiences. Engaging poetry, therefore, can contribute to the habits necessary for a robust moral life—specifically, caring.  Continue reading “Care Ethics and Poetry”

Call for Papers: Care Ethics, Religion and Spiritual Traditions

Feminist Care Ethics has received extensive attention in a variety of fields over the past quarter century including political science, philosophy, education, social work, sociology and more. There has been relatively little discussion of Care Ethics in the field of Religious Studies. Surprisingly, given that virtually all mainstream religions hold care and compassion as aContinue reading “Call for Papers: Care Ethics, Religion and Spiritual Traditions”

Call for Papers: Second Global Carework Summit

The Carework Network is organizing a three-day conference to bring together carework researchers from across disciplines and across the globe; June 9-11, 2019, Toronto, Ontario. Carework Network The Carework Network is an international organization of scholars and advocates who focus on the caring work of individuals, families, communities, paid caregivers, social service agencies and state bureaucracies. Care needs areContinue reading “Call for Papers: Second Global Carework Summit”

Call for Papers: Societas Ethica’s Annual Conference

Call for Papers: Feminist Ethics and the Question of Gender Societas Ethica’s 55th Annual Conference, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium — 23-26 August 2018 Why should feminist ethics and gender be a central focus in the work of philosophical and theological ethics? While this question has been discussed within the fields of feminist and gender theory, philosophers and theologians have oftenContinue reading “Call for Papers: Societas Ethica’s Annual Conference”

Interdependency: The fourth existential insult to humanity

Tom Malleson, PhD recently published an interesting article on interdependency, from a care ethical point of view. He argues that taking interdependency seriously would lead to profound changes in our culture, our central political concepts, and even our major institutions. We contacted Tom Malleson for an insight into the background of the article and the author. Interdisciplinary “I’m oneContinue reading “Interdependency: The fourth existential insult to humanity”

Hee-Kang Kim

Interview with dr. Hee-Kang Kim, University of Korea, South Korea. 1. Where are you working at this moment? I am working at the department of Public Administration at the Korea University. 2. Can you tell us about your research and its relation to care ethics? I teach public philosophy, normative policy analysis, and women’s studies atContinue reading “Hee-Kang Kim”

Different perspectives on care work

2017 Carework Summit: coming together of feminist economical, political and sociological views on care work. This June, scholars, policymakers and members of societal organizations gathered during the three-day conference 2017 Carework Summit in Lowell, Massachusetts in the United States. Together, they inquired and discussed problems in the field of Care Work – a field that focusesContinue reading “Different perspectives on care work”

Sophie Bourgault

Interview with dr. Sophie Bourgault, director of the axis Ethics of Care and Associate Professor, School of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. 1. Where are you working at this moment? I teach political theory at the University of Ottawa, Canada. 2. Can you tell us about your research and its relation to theContinue reading “Sophie Bourgault”

Fiona Robinson

1. Where are you working at this moment? I just completed a first draft of a chapter for a new edited collection, Care Ethics and Political Theory (2015).  It is edited by Maurice Hamington and Daniel Engster and will be published by Oxford University Press.  My chapter is called ‘Care Ethics and the Future of Feminism’,Continue reading “Fiona Robinson”

Eva Feder Kittay

Interview with Eva Feder Kittay, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, at the Department of Philosophyat Stony Brook University, New York.  1. Where are you working at this moment? I am at Stony Brook University, where I have been since 1979. 2 Can you tell us about your research and its relation to the ethics of care? I am workingContinue reading “Eva Feder Kittay”

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